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  • Description

    • Net Size: 25" x 25" - Ultra light and durable.
    • Includes 3 targets.
    • Easy set-up / take-down.
    • Compact storage (collapses to 12" diameter).
    • For use indoors and outdoors.
    • Ultra light and durable.
    • Great for wedge practice.
    • Use with foam balls for practice indoors or at the office.

    Dial-in your short game with the Callaway Chip-Shot Chipping Net!
    This training aid features three primary targets running
    vertically down the center, allowing you to work on various types
    of chips and pitches from a range of distances and trajectories.
    Its ultra-light weight and easy portability allows you to quickly
    pack it up and take it wherever you’re going without any hassle.
    Forget about the other more complex and confusing chipping nets
    that take forever to set up! The Callaway Chip Shot takes seconds
    to set up with its unique “pop-up” feature, and easily collapses
    into a only a 12 inch diameter. It's the perfect training aid for
    your short game practice! Can be used with both soft-flight, foam
    balls or real golf balls, for indoor or office practice.