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The Mizuno Tri-fold golf towel is made from super absorptive cotton velour that offers a large surface cleaning area.

Product details

The Mizuno Tri-fold Golf Towel is designed to clean, absorb and do all the great things a fine quality golf towel needs to! So if you’re looking for a highly efficient club cleaner that’s quick and simple to use without any fuss, this golfer’s friend shouldn’t be missed. Available in a choice of black and navy blue colours.

Mizuno Golf Tri Fold Clip Towel Cotton Velour Construction

Fashioned from extra soft and absorbent cotton velour, this Mizuno Golf Tri Fold Clip Towel rapidly mops up muck, moisture and all the other stuff your clubs heads can pick up to maintain a clean surface for striking the golf ball brilliantly!

Mizuno Golf Tri Fold Clip Towel Features

  • 100% Cotton Velour
  • Swivel Clip Bag Attachment
  • Measures 16” x 21” (41cm x 54cm)
  • Mizuno Run Bird Logo

Mizuno Golf Tri Fold Golf Towel Design

The tri fold construction allows this Mizuno Golf Towel to quickly fold into shape for easy storage and when your towel is covered in grime from the golf course, the last thing you want is having to fold it. A swivel clip provides quick and simple golf bag attachment while a contrasting Mizuno run bird logo shows everyone the quality of your club cleaning equipment.